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On behalf of the faculty, students, and staff of the Department of Anthropology at Georgia State University, I thank you for your interest in our programs.

Through our undergraduate degree in anthropology approximately 150 majors engage in the holistic, comparative, and interdisciplinary study of the human species through courses and research projects on topics that range from human origins and human evolution, to human variation and adaptation, to language and culture.  More than 50 graduate students learn how to conduct primary basic and applied research on an aspect of human life, including race, class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and culture through the study of fossils in a lab, artifacts in excavation sites, communication within speech communities, or behavioral practices and symbolic expressions in city streets, neighborhoods, and organizations.  All students benefit from our Field Schools in Brazil, Greece, Mexico, and the United States.   Our B.A. and M.A. graduates pursue doctoral studies in anthropology and other fields, and secure gainful employment as professional anthropologists in the private and public sectors of society.

The hallmark of anthropology is the study of human differences and similarities across time and space; accordingly, our professors, and some students, conduct research with communities in 10 different countries and three continents, including South Africa, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, and Greece.  As a faculty of 10, we are the recipients of seven National Science Foundation Research Grants, two Fulbright Research Awards, a National Oceanic Exploration and Research Grant, a National Geographic Research Grant, and a Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Grant.  We are the authors of peer-reviewed books, scholarly articles, and research reports on topics that cross and overlap with archaeological, biological, cultural, linguistic, and applied anthropology.

Every member of the faculty is at least bi-lingual, while some speak three or more languages other than English (including “minority languages” spoken by their research participants abroad).  Our administrative staff consists of two women, one of whom was born in Uganda and raised in Kenya, and both are bilingual.  Ethnic, gender, religious, linguistic, class, and regional variation enriches the daily social life and work in the Department.  We acknowledge and affirm this diversity; we also seek to enhance it through the recruitment of new faculty and graduate students from historically underrepresented populations in higher education.

Please visit the links in this website and our face book page for details on the academic and professional opportunities that await you should you choose to join us.

Kathryn A. Kozaitis, Chair

Recent News
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  • Applied Linguistics Student Receives National Academy of Education FellowshipNicholas Subtirelu, an Applied Linguistics and ESL Ph.D. student, has been selected to be a National Academy of Education Spencer Dissertation Fellow. Subtirelu will receive $27,500 during the year-long fellowship period to complete his dissertation. The Spencer Dissertation Fellowship is awarded to students whose dissertation research supports developments in the history, theory or practice of… more »

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