About Us

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On behalf of the faculty, students, and staff of the Department of Anthropology at Georgia State University, I thank you for your interest in our programs.

The hallmark of anthropology is the study of human differences and similarities across time and space; accordingly, our professors, and some students, conduct research with communities in three continents and ten countries, including South Africa, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, and Greece. Through our undergraduate degree in anthropology approximately 150 majors engage in the holistic, comparative, and interdisciplinary study of the human species through courses and research projects on topics that range from human origins and human evolution, to human variation and adaptation, to language and culture. More than 50 graduate students learn how to conduct basic and applied research on aspect of human life through the study of fossils in a lab, artifacts in excavation sites, communication within speech communities, or cultural practices and symbolic expressions in cities, neighborhoods, and organizations. Our B.A. and M.A. graduates pursue doctoral studies in anthropology and other fields, and secure gainful employment as professional anthropologists in the private and public sectors of society.

Ethnic, gender, religious, linguistic, class, and regional variation enriches the daily social life and work in the Department. We acknowledge and affirm this cultural diversity; we also seek to enhance it through the recruitment of new faculty and graduate students from historically underrepresented populations in higher education.

Kathryn A. Kozaitis, Chair


Mission Statement

“Our mission is to generate and apply anthropological knowledge through scientific and humanistic research, scholarship, education, and public service at local and global levels.

We cultivate in our students, and to the general public, an understanding of what it means to be human, and an appreciation for human differences and similarities across societies and cultures.

We interpret and explain the challenges that people face in cities and rural communities worldwide, expose structural inequalities in the past and present, and advance perspectives that reinforce social justice.”

About Us

The Department of Anthropology offers a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts in Anthropology. Its focus is on the holistic and comparative study of humanity across time and space. Our mission is organized on three principles: (1) a holistic understanding of human diversity requires the study of biological, archaeological, social/cultural, and linguistic anthropology; (2) the comparative study of humanity requires qualitative and quantitative research methods; and (3) human problems must be examined and solved within biological, historical, environmental, political-economic, and sociocultural contexts.   Accordingly, the faculty is critically engaged in scientific and humanistic research, academic and applied scholarship, student-centered instruction, and public outreach.  Students are trained in anthropological research strategies, theories, and practices.  Topical foci include human evolution, primate behavioral ecology, human variation, complex societies, global-local articulations, ideology and power, migrants, immigrants, and refugees in the world system, urban processes and populations, identity politics in multicultural societies, evolution and prevention of disease, and social reform.  In this Department we combine academic rigor with politically responsible and ethically sound applications of empirical knowledge in professional fields that include medicine, education, environment, forensics, cultural resource management and business.   The Department is committed to a comprehensive education of our students who benefit from our wide repertoire of courses.  Students are encouraged to engage in original research corresponding to their interests and also have the option to conduct an internship in their topical concentration or to participate in field schools in Atlanta, in another state, or abroad.