Anthropology of Latin America at Georgia State University


The Department of Anthropology at Georgia State University has a strong and growing program in the study of Latin America. Our research in this region exhibits an emphasis in the four-field, inter-disciplinary, and comparative tradition that makes anthropology unique among the social sciences. We strive to address problems that are intrinsic to the human experience across time and space. Our faculty specializes in a diverse and integrated assortment of theoretical and methodological approaches in anthropology, including socio-cultural anthropology, medical anthropology, archaeology, biological anthropology, landscape archaeology, economic anthropology, and environmental anthropology. They have conducted long-term field projects in Argentina, Belize, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru.
Nicola in the fieldUndergraduate and graduate students at Georgia State University benefit directly from the experience and ongoing research of faculty working in Latin America. Faculty members have taught field methods courses in socio-cultural anthropology, medical anthropology, and archaeology in Latin America. Students work directly with faculty on ongoing research projects, which provide incomparable experiences and skills as well as data for theses, professional presentations, and publications. Moreover, faculty members facilitate student participation in projects led by researchers at other institutions, including international ones. Offering such a wide range of tangible opportunities at the undergraduate and master’s degree level is a strength that makes Georgia State University’s Department of Anthropology unique among the country’s anthropology programs.Machu Picchu Parade Float
Our Latin American Anthropology Faculty
Dr. Jeffrey Glover
Dr. Nicola Sharratt
Dr. Emanuela Guano
Dr. Faidra Papavasiliou
Dr. Bethany Turner-livermore
Dr. Cassandra White

Dr. Carrie Furman (UGA, Southeast Climate Consortium)
Dr. Molly Bassett (GSU, Religious Studies)
GSU Resources on Latin American Anthropology
Center for Latin American Studies

 A Few External Resources for the Anthropology and Archaeology of Latin American

The Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc.

Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology (SLACA).

The Foundation for Latin American Anthropological Research


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