Ethnographic Lab

Curated by Dr. Steven Black, the ethnographic laboratory is a space for GSU students and faculty members to explore the potential of audio-visual technologies for documenting and theorizing culture and communication. There, the latest in editing, transcription, and illustration software allows students to examine the rich details of social life, making it possible to capture the fleeting gestures, facial expressions, bodily orientations, prosodic contours, words, phrases and other semiotic resources of moment-to-moment communication across cultures.
s black South Africa walk
The ethnographic laboratory supports research in linguistic anthropology, visual anthropology, and cultural anthropology. A long-term goal for the laboratory is to amass a library of recordings of everyday life in different cultural contexts from which students and faculty may draw in their ongoing scholarship (with Institutional Review Board approval and participant consent). At this time, the lab is still under construction pending the arrival of new computers and other equipment.