The Anthropology Club

Anthro Club CrestThe Anthropology Club at Georgia State University is for anthropology majors, minors and graduate students or just those interested in the four major subfields: cultural, biological, linguistic and archeology. Club members generally represent each field of interest. Anthro Club events focus on community involvement in GSU projects, the Atlanta area and various types of philanthropy.

In 2013, club members were invited to meet with Dr. Jane Goodall in a private reception during her visit to campus as part of The Distinguished Speaker Series. Previous activities have included co-sponsoring the Conflict Resolution Symposium at GSU, collecting money and clothing for StandUp Atlanta a local nonprofit that helps homeless youth, food drives, field trips to local museums and cultural centers, promoting National Anthropology Day as well as participating in supporting other campus groups and events that work to promote cultural awareness and bring a deeper holistic understanding of who we are collectively as people.

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